[T] Get a ticket for speeding on day 1 of your trip and ask the cops for a selfie afterwards. Itinéraire d'un road trip de deux semaines avec mon fils en Bosnie hors de sentiers battus du Nord Ouest au Centre en passant par Jajce, Travnik et Visoko. The highway is a part of E73. For aficionados of Balkan cuisine, Bosnia is the homeland of ćevap — perfectly seasoned minced meat formed into little links, then grilled on an open fire — much as France specializes in cheese, or Spain corners the market on bizarre seafood. Why would I not be willing to stay here for the night? At the time, I didn’t quite understand the conflict, other than it being particularly fierce, and the images always looked cold, grey and miserable. The starting point will be Sofia. Throughout our road trip, I was on a crusade to try ćevapčići in its many forms. While you are in the region of Eastern Europe, I would like to recommend Bulgaria as a country to visit. Try the homemade fresh juices like strawberry, pomegranate and cherry. [A] Discover that Bosnian actually uses 2 alphabets, cyrillic and latin. , […] our crappy car was about to fall out with us. Map out a few key stops and don't over plan. This is also the place where they recommend you to try the local eateries in all the Bosnia travel guide books. We definitely had a blast and it was an epic trip! I did eat pita and also spinach pie, it was actually really good! #BridgePornGoneWrong. [B] Spend 2 hours photographing Stari Most, the epic bridge of Mostar. Interesting and great read. It’s amazing to see others enjoying the beauty of my country. Na wiosnę przez wirusa zostaliśmy zamknięci na kilka miesięcy w domu, sytuacja nieco poprawiła się w wakacje, ale zanim wszystko wróciło do normy przyszła druga fala, teraz szykuje się nam narodowa kwarantanna, a podróże przez najbliższe miesiące możemy sobie raczej wybić z głowy. Love how you tell your stories. This post definitely stood out to me. Thanks! Next time take me, LOL! TAKE ME BACK. Prices, opening hours, etc. Haha I like how your number 4 was Bring Dan! Let me tell you: cevapi are delicious! Hello everybody :) Me and my boyfriend would love to go on a roadtrip next summer. Well I didn’t have any because I’m a veggie but my friends seemed to love it, and as long as you’re sitting on the side of the cobbled alleys in Sarajevo, basically anything tastes good, right! Z naszych obserwacji wynika, że drogi w Bośni i Hercegowinie są stosunkowo dobrej jakości. Next time if you go you can enjoy potato pies (krompirusa) and spinach pie (zeljanica). The 15th of the Road Trips series of archival albums, it was released as a three-disc CD on April 26, 2011. . Here’s an itinerary of our 7 day road trip through central Bosnia. I hope you enjoy Montenegro and Albania as much as you enjoyed Bosnia. The result was that I was not allowed to fly for two months. I loved reading your post! [K] Open Google maps, drive to the first place you see on it and discover breathtaking Konjic. It’s on the way from Lake Rama to Tomislavgrad but I don’t know the exact location. Your email address will not be published. Read more about my story and how I afford to travel in this link. [M] Get up at crazy ass o’clock to drive to Hum Mountain, the highest point of Mostar, for sunrise. Learn how your comment data is processed. We may spend 1-2 days in/around Bulgaria upon return (time permitting). © Copyright 2015-2020 Lili's travel plans. Freedom on a road trip like this is only limited by how far your imagination takes you. Go out and explore the world. By the way, did you know that Bosnian is only one of the three official languages of Bosnia and Herzegovina? It’s easy, super scenic and cheap! With Breckin Meyer, Seann William Scott, Amy Smart, Paulo Costanzo. Sarajevo is one of the cities that suffered the most during the Yugoslavian war that only ended in 1995. I think the Bosnians may be the most hospitable people in the Balkan region. #bdotcom_bc_mbe_banner_5177 .bdotcom_bc_copy_wrapper .bdotcom_bc_copy h1, Thanks for another great post. Walk around the restaurants onto an elevated path to get the best views of the monastery and this amazing place to visit in Bosnia. It was here where I tried the Burek and Cevapi. Find someone from the Divers Club, they are mostly around and if not ask in the nearby souvenir shop and they will point you in the right direction. M17 road is a Main road in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Sadly enough Srebrenica is put on the map because of the genocide against the Bosnian Muslims in time of the Yugoslavian war. I’m a vegetarian as well, but haven’t been my whole life. Photography is a joy then. It took me a couple years but finally I completed my ultimate Balkan itinerary and saw all the countries, my last unexplored region in Europe. I completely agree with you about road trips, too. Planning a Balkan Road Trip. [F] Call your rental car ‘Funky White Boy‘ and actually think it’s a cool name. Thinking to go there in a couple of months. Afer all what do you think about Bosnia,also amazing photographs. , Haha if I ever go back, I’ll invite you again, I promise! It is a popular day trip from Mostar or Dubrovnik, but I would recommend you to stay around Kravice and spend an evening dining next to the waterfalls and go for a sunrise dip the next morning. I for example discovered amazing things to do in Balkan for you. Give each passenger ownership over a daily portion of the trip. Overberg motorbike route. While I’ve now been living in Norway for two years, I’ve also spent most all of my summers in Norway since I was a kid (visiting family here), so I’ve definitely learned a thing or two about the whole process of renting a car and planning a road trip in Norway. Constantly going up … Alice and I on Tuzla Beach in Constanta, Romania. If road take you back here, visit Banja Luka. There are also waterfalls called Kravice another place to consider to visit. https://topochinesvino.com/2016/11/06/ive-a-feeling-were-not-in-croatia-anymore/. The film stars Breckin Meyer, Seann William Scott, Paulo Costanzo, and DJ Qualls as four college friends who embark on an 1800-mile road trip to retrieve an illicit tape mistakenly mailed to a girlfriend. Get the best travel tips for unique locations and follow my adventure! There are a couple things you need to know when you are going on a road trip in Bosnia: Thank you for reading my travel blog about Bosnia and I hope it helped you planning your trip to Bosnia. Thanks for sharing, you have an amazing blog. I just spent a few days in Romania and a lot of those days were spent in Constanta. They are my favorite way to travel, too! This sleepy little village perched into the mountain is a great place to visit in Bosnia on a road trip. Coincidentally I stumbled upon an extremely laid-back camping place called Auto Camp Miris Ljeta in Ostrozac. Cookie and privacy policy / terms and conditions. The Balkan is full of amazing adventures! It’s a beautiful park with swans and horse carriage. I am from Mostar and yes it is amazing. Jest rok 1995, jestem studentką i razem z koleżanką jedziemy w podróż samochodem z Providence na Rhode Island do Portland w Oregonie. Also Vlasic it’s one of the big mountain where you can buy all organic vegetables and if you are not vegan you can enjoy homemade sheep cheese as well there’s Vlasicka Kuca (Vlasicka Kuca) which has a lot of different varieties of food. Mostar was a stunner too…, Aaauuuwh thanks Gemma Sarajevo was such a nice surprise and Mostar… <3, Haha how could I not become a bridge junkie when they look like that? There are two walking tours in Sarajevo: a historical walking tour and one that focusses on the war. . I just should keep myself safe in case I get to visit Bosnia. Next time maybe! thanks for sharing. A great place to start. Due to a recent redesign of this website, the layout of posts might temporarily be a bit off. [L] On day 1, scream “Let’s get this baby on the roooooaaaaad” in a weird high voice, making your travel buddies think you’re some kind of nut job, and keep on repeating it before each ride until the end of the trip, laughing your ass off every single time. Another option is hanging out in one of the cool bars that stay open late in Mostar. It might not be as big as Central Park but it’s big and you can enjoy walks near the river Bosna which also has shopping center full of cafes, shops where you can sip coffee or juice and enjoy the view of the track field. Thanks Tanja!! If you are interested in the history then join one of the free walking tours. If you want to read more about the Srebrenica Genocide Memorial and museum, click on the link. They are yummy! Looking back this was the best idea, because my trip to Bosnia contained one highlight after the other. So lovely meeting you at TBEX and I’ve been loving your adventures in Africa, seems like you girls had an epic trip!!! Click here for more info about the free walking tour in Sarajevo that starts every day at 10.30 in the morning. There a highway currently under construction outside of Sarajevo, however you can expect to drive on single lane roads 99% of the time. [I] On your way from Sarajevo to Konjic, stop in Ilidza to see its ‘Big Alley’ and realize it’s actually just an asphalt road and some trees… So yeah, I know I just told you to stop ‘everywhere’, but I think you can skip this one… #Didn’tEvenTakeAPicture, [J] Whilst driving from Konjic to Mostar, check out Lake Jablanica to admire its perfectly blue water. I’d love to go and visit there sometime someday! My guide was a professional local lady born and raised in Sarajevo knowing the city like the back of her hand. Busko Jezero – One of the most popular lakes located in Livno. Jummie!! It’s like watching something out of a movie! Vanuit Bari nemen we de boot naar Kroatië om daar de grens over te steken met Bosnië-Herzegovina. I got back to the Netherlands and saved as much money as I could and in December 2012 I quit my job again and ever since I am continuously traveling the world. #BridgePornPart2. Check out my  155K Instagram account @traveltomtom. I got this tip from a local, who explicitly told me to go and to camp around the lake. Another city to consider is Jajce has waterfalls and there is near by Plivsko jezero ( Plivsko Lake) there are cafes around the lake and you can also rent a small boat and ride around. There is a little known sliver of Bosnia that continues to the coast and a resort town called Neum exists! [Y] Learn about the history of former Yugoslavia at the Historic Museum in Sarajevo. After I stopped several times I decided to give up on Mostar as my final destination for that day. Unless you’re a vegetarian like me, then your choice will probably be limited to salads or pizza (and bitter lemon and ice-cream but I don’t think that counts as real food). Thanks for sharing! Mostar was my goal for that day, but I already found my peace on the side of Lake Jablanica. #bdotcom_bc_mbe_banner_5177 .bdotcom_bc_copy_wrapper .bdotcom_bc_copy p, Planning the perfect road trip through the Balkans can be a challenging. Have a great trip! are updated regularly but might have changed and have to be checked before use. Also you might like to consider to visit Srebrenica where in 1995 was genocide and it has the biggest burial. Be sure to spend time in Monaco, as all of Les Corniches drives take you to the amazing and distinctive city. Views are constantly to die for and I stopped many times along the way to enjoy the road trip from Sarajevo to Mostar to the max. Amazing place….really…i travel all my life. Would love to go here someday. I hope the weather is still good. I agree with you when you state that they offer you total freedom. Wow! I hope you’ll have the chance to see more of Bosnia, it’s such an amazing country! A list with a twist, of course, so for those of you who just feared I was going to start writing ‘Top 10 places to visit in …’ lists, please don’t worry, THAT’S NEVER GONNA HAPPEN! In recent years popular a word: for they were young the world so big, I want to see, Love the photos of my home country! Another city Zenica an industrial city which is the only city that has the biggest park in the city called Kamberovice Polje similar to Central Park in NYC.

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