[20] She finished tenth in Nagano and retired from amateur competition after the event. She has no children. Surya Bonaly, Raymond Poulidor... Ces éternels seconds du sport, Ces défaites aussi célèbres que des victoires. Mais la légende est écrite, et le « bonaly » devient la figure rebelle d’une patineuse de talent. She finished third and fourth at her assignments, which was not enough to qualify to the seven-woman final. Bonaly usually made eight to nine jumps during her programs, whereas conventional programs usually contain six.[12]. First, because I was black for sure and I didn't try to copy anyone. [8], At age four, Surya developed a passion for gymnastics, training with Éric Hagard, the current coach of the multiple European medalist Mélanie de Jesus dos Santos. Elle devient professionnelle en 1998 puis commence sa carrière d'entraîneur à Las Vegas puis à Minneapolis. In January 1994, Bonaly placed first in all segments on her way to her fourth consecutive continental title at the Europeans Championships in Copenhagen, Denmark. She was so distraught with her poor performances and how she was marked that she considered turning pro midway through the event.[18]. Bonaly even cut her thickly braided ponytail because the judges didn’t like it. "[28], She takes part in numerous conferences and events which aim to encourage the participation of nonwhite people in sport. [33] In 2010, she was a finalist on La Ferme Célébrités season 3. [43] Bonaly became engaged to skating coach Pete Biver on 18 September 2016. There are many critics from the media against her: Surya being unable to enjoy a social life because of her schedules and her responsibility for Surya's skating style since Suzanne Bonaly is a physical education teacher and would rather tend towards having athletic prowess rather than having the grace of a dancer. Suite à ces Jeux olympiques de 1998 décevant, la patineuse arrête la compétition et s’installe définitivement à Las Vegas. A month later, she competed at the 1994 Winter Olympics in Lillehammer, Norway. Elle participe à des galas dans tous les Etats-Unis et à l'étranger (Japon, Russie, Allemagne...), jusqu'en 2007, date où la troupe est dissoute. Elle intègre alors le Ice Theater of New York pour continuer les représentations. [35], She appeared in the episode "Judgement" of a 2019 Netflix documentary series that explored the lives of heroic individuals who bounced back from loss or perceived failure. Backflips had been banned since 1976 from competitions held under ISU rules. Mais la légende est écrite, et le « bonaly » devient la figure rebelle d’une patineuse de talent. The judge replied : "She did well for all the past years". [12] En 2009, une tournée de Stars sur Glace, avec Surya Bonaly, a été organisée en France. “Il y a beaucoup de gens qui essayent de parler et puis on les force au silence” , a déclaré Gwendal Peizerat. ", Later, the international judge Anne Hardy-Thomas, absent from this competition, commented on the judges' decision. d'hiver de Nagano au Japon. She was also the cultural attaché for the Monaco consulate in Las Vegas. [8] She took part in the daily work of the farm, milking the goats in the evening after training and even, with her parents, helping goats to give birth to kids. She skated to keep busy while her mother finished teaching her class. Bizaremment, c'est en devenant professionnelle en 1999 que Surya Bonaly s'est raréfiée à la télévision et dans les journaux. [1] At the 1998 Winter Olympics in Nagano, Japan, Bonaly placed 6th in the short program. [12] Upset by the result, Bonaly stood beside the medals platform rather than on it. [22] She claims to have made concessions to better suit the expectations of the judges, without ever being rewarded for her work, Bonaly told the french podcast "Surya Bonaly, corps et lames" : «I did everything I could, but I didn't paint myself white, that's for sure». [8] Gailhaguet asked her to move to Paris to train with him year-round. Pour eux, il s'agit d'une façon de montrer leur supériorité technique sans limitations, en effectuant des saltos interdits en compétition classique. Malgré l'absence de titre olympique ou mondial, Surya Bonaly possède l'un des plus beaux palmarès du patinage artistique français. During a practice session, she landed a back flip close to Japan's Midori Ito and was told by officials not to do it again because they believed that other skaters might be intimidated in practice sessions. Nicole Erdos indicates that Bonaly's gymnastics practice strengthened her more than other skaters, giving her an advantage on the ice. [20] For Bonaly to win, another skater would need to place ahead of short program leader Nicole Bobek. She finished fourth at the 1990 European Championships and ninth at the 1990 World Championships. La patineuse a pris sa retraite sportive amateur en 1998. [5] The story spread as she prepared for her first European championships in 1989. Forced to specialize, she chose figure skating. [4] The same year, again in tumbling, she won a team silver medal at the World Championships with Sandrine Vacher, Corinne Robert and Isabelle Jagueux at the Palais omnisports of Paris-Bercy.[11]. In Bonaly's case, the episode focused on her defiance, "longevity" on the ice, and refusal to submit to conventions. She continued with ballet, diving, and figure skating. He also noticed the severity of her mother, who pushed Surya to train hard but also very closely governed the social life and hobbies of her daughter. [42] She lives in Las Vegas, Nevada. She is a three-time World silver medalist (1993–1995), a five-time European champion (1991–1995), the 1991 World Junior Champion, and a nine-time French national champion (1989–1997). [4], She participated in numerous PETA's campaigns against Canada's seal hunt and the fur trade. Surya Bonaly (born 15 December 1973) is a French former competitive figure skater. She is a three-time World silver medalist (1993–1995), a five-time European champion (1991–1995), the 1991 World Junior Champion, and a nine-time French national champion (1989–1997). [35] The other medalists were Baiul and Russia's Olga Markova. Anne Hardy-Thomas, the French judge of the event, was approached by the technical delegate, who told her that Bonaly was insolent and had behaved unacceptably. Vous bénéficiez d'un droit d'accès et de rectification de vos données personnelles, ainsi que celui d'en demander l'effacement dans les limites prévues par la loi. [12], The international federation first thought of punishing her for her behavior, then they changed their mind, believing that the justified disappointment of the skater was a sufficient mitigating circumstance.[24]. En savoir plus sur notre politique de confidentialité. During the 1987-1988 season, Surya Bonaly became the French junior figure-skating champion in Cherbourg. | Publié le 10 février 2018 Bonaly was coached mainly by her mother from April to September 1992 and also made two month-long visits, in June and September, to Frank Carroll in southern California; although she wanted to stay with Carroll permanently, the French skating federation was opposed to its skaters training abroad. [28] Nonetheless, she was content with her decision to perform the move. C’est que la championne n’a jamais hésité à faire savoir lorsqu’elle se sentait flouée. She finished fifth at the 1996 World Championships in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, having placed seventh in the short where she fell on a triple Lutz, and fifth in the free. La patineuse, qui a acquis la nationalité américaine en 2004, donne aussi des cours dans une école de patinage américaine. [6], At the 1994 World Championships in Chiba, Japan – where the three Olympic medalists did not compete – Bonaly's final overall score was equal to home country favorite Yuka Sato, who would be awarded the gold medal after a 5–4 tiebreaker decision. [19] Bonaly had significantly more technical content than the winner. L’épisode le plus marquant de sa carrière est probablement celui de 1994, quand aux mondiaux de Chiba, au Japon, elle refuse de monter sur podium. Ranked tenth in the short and 12th in the free, she finished 11th overall, making a number of jumping errors in both programs. Bonaly placed fifth at the 1991 World Championships in Munich, Germany, where she came very close to the first ever ratified quad by a female skater, but had other errors.[13]. C’est sans compter l’une des plus furieuses exceptions, un invraisemblable salto arrière réceptionné sur un patin à glace. [4] She became the first woman to attempt a quadruple toe loop in competition but the jump was not fully rotated in the air and she had to complete the rotation on the ice. Qui dit mieux ? [12] She allows herself to go out and have fun during the summer, where she performs without having to prepare for competitions. [26] Due to the injury, she missed much of the following season. In each discipline, she was very gifted. Having landed it on one foot, Bonaly hoped to not get a deduction but she ended up having her points deducted. She also performed in shows in Russia with Evgeni Plushenko and was a guest skater at Ice Theatre of New York's December 2008 gala in NYC where she successfully performed her backflip. Bonaly performed seven triples, a triple-triple combination, and two triple Lutzes, while Baiul performed five triples but did not attempt a jump combination. [4] Suzanne worked as a physical education teacher and Georges as an architect for the government. In figure skating, Nicole Erdos was Surya's first childhood coach. At the French Senior Championships in Grenoble, she ended up in fourth place and was then sent to her first ISU Championship, the 1988 Junior Worlds in Brisbane, Australia, and finished 14th. [15] Although the door was open for her to win a medal after Ito and Harding had finished in 4th and 6th in the short program, and Kristi Yamaguchi and Nancy Kerrigan both made major errors in the long skating just before her, she placed 6th in the free skate and 5th overall. In May 1996, Bonaly ruptured her achilles tendon while doing acrobatics. [9] Philippe Candeloro has mentioned that the family was accompanied by five dogs at that time. She tried again to do a double Axel with her broken ankle, which impressed Gailhaguet, who later claimed that "France had no hard fighters." She was awarded the gold medal ahead of two German skaters, Evelyn Großmann and Marina Kielmann. [8], In 1984, Surya Bonaly watched the Winter Olympic Games and discovered there the skater Katarina Witt: she then decided to try the double Axel and broke her ankle. She wore a cast for two months, and decided to continue practicing the flute until the summer. Her skating clubs were CSG Pralognan[1] and CSG Champigny. Rédaction Paris Match Belgique Ranked third in the short program and fourth in the free skate, she finished fourth overall behind Baiul, Nancy Kerrigan, and Chen Lu. Pendant l'été en fin de saison, Philippe Candeloro et Surya Bonaly signent un contrat qui leur permet d'intégrer la troupe de Tom Collins, Champions on Ice, deux mois par an. Surya Bonaly (born 15 December 1973) is a French former competitive figure skater. The first sport she practiced was fencing. [17] Alain Giletti became her coach, commuting four times a week by train from Tours to Paris, and her mother filled in during his absences. She eventually stepped onto the platform but took off her silver medal after it was presented to her; she was immediately booed by the crowd. In autumn 1995, Bonaly competed in the inaugural ISU Champions Series. Vous pouvez également à tout moment revoir vos options en matière de ciblage. Ancienne gymnaste reconvertie en patineuse, elle a tout pour surprendre les jurés : sa musculature puissante et sa morphologie différente des fines athlètes du patinage, sa peau noire – inhabituelle dans les championnats d’alors – et un sacré caractère. Surya Bonaly est-elle célibataire, mariée ? She had flute lessons at eight in the morning, followed by English lessons, then diving lessons and gymnastics. During the invasion of Kuwait, she designed a gala skating program that included a magic trick in which she made a dove appear, a symbol of peace. [21], She expected the judges to reward her for improving her gracefulness, having stopped trying to land quadruple jumps and having improved from the previous championships, where she also finished second. After taking her third national title, she competed at the 1991 European Championships in Sofia, Bulgaria. [39], Bonaly was a member of the federal council of the French Federation of Ice Sports from 2010 to 2014. Elle n'intervient pas en tant que consultante à la télé (contrairement par exemple à Philippe Candeloro), n'entraîne pas de futurs talents français... Que fait-elle alors ? [1][2] Initially named Claudine, she was adopted at eight months from an orphanage by Suzanne and Georges Bonaly, who gave her the name Surya,[3] a word meaning "the sun" in Sanskrit. [7], Two years after her adoption, the Bonalys bought a sheepfold in ruins and began to renovate it into a house. Mais si c’est la première fois qu’elle est réalisée devant un large public et un jury, Surya Bonaly l’avait déjà utilisée pour impressionner ses concurrentes, comme en 1992 quand elle … On l’appelle le « bonaly », comme Surya Bonaly, patineuse artistique française de renom, neuf fois championne nationale, cinq fois d’Europe et une sacrée habituée des compétitions internationale dans les années 90 – dont les Jeux olympiques d’hiver. [36], Bonaly is coaching in Las Vegas while regularly doing seminars abroad (in Mexico and Norway recently). Bonaly has been a vegetarian since infancy. | © EPA/GEORGIOS KEFALAS ELECTRONIC IMAGE. [40], She was the ambassador of the association "France of talents and colors," which aims to fight against racism, violence and discrimination in sport. Dès le 27 septembre sur M6, Surya Bonaly coachera le chanteur Florent Torres et l'ex-Miss France Chloé Mortaud dans Ice Show. Bonaly is the only Olympic figure skater to land a backflip on only one blade; she performed it at the 1998 Winter Olympics in Nagano, Japan. During the summer of 1988, she watched the Summer Olympics and noticed the sprinter Florence Griffith-Joyner dressed in a colorful running suit and decided to take inspiration from her for her skating costumes which would later become more original and colorful, something considered unusual at the time in figure skating. 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